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Ddos Service

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Yer6.ORG Keşfedicisi

Kullanıcı Sayısı: 6750
Yorumları: 1
Konuları: 1
Kayıt Tarihi: 15/11/2020
Rep Puanı: 0
Uzmanlık : Web Hacking
Seviyen: White Hat
Lokasyon: Ankara
Cinsiyet: Bay
Hello friends, as you all know, the role of botnet and ddos that we mentioned in the internet industry is very important.
If you want to buy completely with 700gbit power, I serve as a rental.
Having fun is prohibited. It should be used for illegal illegal sites.
What can you do with botnet and ddos?
You can turn off websites and game servers,
you can hit your site with botnet,
With Botnet, you can raise your competitors' ads to a high balance,
they can do anti-seo and drop them from Google,
you can increase the number of visitors of your own website and increase it on Google,
You can keep your target site down for days.
Both ddos and botnet can be divided into botnet and ddos.
You can also buy ...
NOTICE: Payments We Only Accept Bitcoin Payments. Friends .. You can contact me for monthly and lifetime attacks.
I do not give information about the price. You can watch my videos according to everyone's budget. I can try to do something.
Contact Telegram: @RootZeynus
Our Telegram Group Address: https://t.me/ddossatmak
My Attack Videos .. STRES VIP DDOS!
Ddos tool Stress owner ~ : @rootzeynus
Ddos tool Stress owner ~ : @rootzeynus
Ddos tool Stress owner ~ : @rootzeynus
Ddos tool Stress owner ~ : @rootzeynus
Ddos tool Stress owner ~ : @rootzeynus
Ddos tool Stress owner ~ : @rootzeynus

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